Recording Light

About 8 years ago I was quitting my corporate job in Hong Kong to settle down in Montreal. I wasn’t enjoying my graphic design work and was confident I would be able to use my meager savings to create a photography studio/artistic workspace similar to Andy Warhol’s factory.

Of course things didn’t go that way. I used a small room in my appartement but space was lacking, plus I didn’t have a budget for studio lighting and purchased a 1000w work light for 100$ at Canadian Tire instead.

Eventually I had to start shooting events and weddings to make ends meet, plus teaching or working for galleries/studios on the side.

Around 2014-2015 my old Canon 7D was starting to show age and I knew I needed to upgrade my lenses to be able to get more contracts.

Problem was I didn’t have any savings left, and was only making enough to pay rent.

I reluctantly sold all my camera gear and moved on to become a salesman for a shoe company. I lost interest in arts and photography for about 4 or 5 years and just wanted to make money.

Finally a year ago I purchased a camera just for fun before going on a trip and have been hooked with making images again since then.

In my quest for perfect light I now find myself dreaming of creating my own studio space at home, and will be looking at getting a couple new toys such as light kits, softboxes, a diffusion filter and a better flash for my Fujifilm X-T3.

I used to do so much post production to fix my images in the past due to improper lighting techniques. Now I want to start fresh and learn how to properly make photography, which starts with the basic of recording light.

Biodôme de Montréal. Septembre 2020

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